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Theme Thursdays

Every Thursday has a different theme at the Northeast Harbor Sailing School:

July 9: Fleet Day

Dress in Fleet Colors!

July 16: Harry Potter Day

Dress up as your favorite character!

Each team represents a different Hogwarts house.

July 23: Olympic Day

Each team represents a different country.

July 30: Acadia Day

Get ready for exploring Acadia!

Dress as a moose, park ranger, or different creature of Acadia.

August 6: Pirate Day

Dress up as a pirate!  We'll be searching for some buried treasure.

August 13: Escape from the Zoo Day

Dress up as a zoo animal!

August 20: Lobster Day (Claw Day)

Dress up as a crustacean from the sea or a lobsterperson!

We'll go on a lobster pot hunt!

August 27: Island Day

Get ready to celebrate and explore the beautiful islands of Maine!


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