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Cape Cod Mercury

The Mercury is a 17’ keel boat. NEHSS uses the Mercury to introduce cautious eight and nine year olds to sailing. The spacious cockpit allow for an instructor to sail with up to four young sailors. The Mercury is a versatile sloop – advanced sailors and adults can race the Mercs and fly spinnakers.

Optimist & Pram

NEHSS owns 26 Optimists and Prams. At 8’ long, with just 35 square feet of sail area, the Optimist and the Pram are designed for sailors ages eight to fifteen. A singlehanded boat, even an eight year-old beginner can quickly sail on their own in the Optimist since the boat is designed with kids in mind. As sailors’ skills improve, the Optimist Class Association offers racing opportunities through age 15.

Turbo - Club 420

The Club 420 is the boat of choice for junior programs, high school sailing teams, and collegiate sailing programs nationwide. This doublehanded dinghy is exciting and challenging for teenagers. NEHSS uses 12 420s for its older beginner sailors, as well as experienced teen-aged sailors. The 420 is equipped with spinnaker and trapeze, offering new and exciting challenges.

Rowing Dinghies

Thanks to the generosity of Northeast Harbor Fleet members, the NEHSS rowing program has access to some of the finest rowing dinghies available. The Jarvis Newman dinghy is the most common boat in our “fleet” and provides a stable, safe, and efficient rowing platform for our 6-8 year old rowers.

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