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Class Descriptions

Classes are offered in week-long sessions beginning in July and ending in August.

Ages: 6 – 7
Boats: Rowing Dinghies
When: Mon – Fri: 8:30 – 11:45
Tuition: $275 / week

This class is an introduction to the elements of basic seamanship including balance in a classic dinghy, rowing and landing alongside a boat, knot-tying of bowline, cleat and half-hitch, nomenclature, and other information necessary to develop confidence on and around the water. Wading at low tide to discover plants and marine life eco-systems in Gilpatrick Cove will be encouraged. Prepares students for later enrollment in sailing classes. Limited to 30 students each week.

Ages: 8 and up
Boats: Mercuries, IOD Magic Bus
When: Mon – Thurs: 8:30 – 11:45 Friday 9- noon
Tuition: $275/ week with a 2 week minimum enrollment strongly suggested but not required. Class enrollment may be repeated as often as sailors wish.

This is an introductory class for sailors interested in getting comfortable with the basics of sailing. Students will learn the proper rigging of a sloop, learning the bowline, cleat hitch, and other knots, points of sail and proper sail trim, as well as leaving and retrieving a mooring properly. Instructors sail with students in Cape Cod Mercuries. Limited to 30 students each week. This class is offered in two week segments which completing and passing all skills is a prerequisite for Adventure Sailing or Racing Classes. Students who feel competent may be approved for enrollment in Adventure or Race Team Sailing by the Director Drew Hopkins.

Adventure Sailing- Mornings
Ages: 8 – 14
Boats: 420's, Owner supplied Optimist Prams and Fleet owned Optis
When: Mon – Thurs: 8:30 – 11:45, Friday 9 - 11:45
Tuition: $275 / week in NEHSS boats*

*$25/week refund if personal boat is provided. Personal boats may be kept on Fleet Docks at no charge while sailors are actively enrolled in NEHSS.

This is our traditional morning program for youth sailors who have acquired basic skills in our Learn to Sail classes and are ready for sailing optimists and 420's in a fun, non-competitive format.  Competency in all points of sail in all breeze conditions is a goal of each week’s lessons as well as comfort in landing properly at docks and beaches in a variety of conditions.  All sailors should be proficient in circumnavigating Greenings Island by end of each week of class. Adventure sailing mornings will plan trips to Northeast Harbor, Great Cranberry Island, Yankee Cove, and Manset. Weekly enrollment is only limited to 25 for those sailors who wish to use Sailing School Optis.

The Fleet wishes to strongly encourage sailors to own and maintain their own boats and is encouraging this by discounting registration and offering free dock storage for those who provide their own optimist prams.

Adventure Sailing- Afternoons
Ages: 8 and up
Boats: Mercs, 420s, Luders, IODs, Cruising Class, and Motorboats
When: Mon –  Friday 1:00- 4:15
Tuition: $275 / week  Free for Junior Instructors currently employed with NEHSS

This class is for both novices and more experienced students who have completed our Learn-to-Sail program. Sailors will embark to destinations around the Great Harbor in a variety of different types of boats. Becoming comfortable in IODs, mercuries, 420s, and on larger cruising class boats is a goal. Thursday afternoons will be dedicated to proper motorboat landing at docks in a variety of breeze situations. Securing boats at docks with emphasis on spring lines and seizing to posts will be taught. Navigation, chart reading, VHF communication, using a compass and GPS will all be covered extensively. When weather permits, Thursday classes will end with an hour of instructor supervised tubing or water-skiing. This activity will teach participants how to spot safely, recover a person in the water, safely unwrapping a prop from a pot warp without cutting the line, and safe operation of motorboats. This is a learning-by-doing class. Limited to 30 students each week.

Great Harbor Racing Team

Ages: 8 and up 
Boats: Optis, Turbo 420s, Luders, IOD- The Magic Bus
When: Mon - Friday: 1:00 - 4:15

Tuition: $275 / week, Free for Junior Instructors currently employed with NEHSS

This course builds on the Great Harbor Dream initiative to appeal to sailors of all ages who are eager to pursue excellence and competency in a wide range of racing boats. Development of these skills will afford opportunities to participate in Turbo 420, Optimist, Luders and IOD racing. All registrants should be competent sailors and anxious to develop their skills in a variety of areas. Each week's curriculum will include an opportunity for both the intermediate and advanced student to receive instruction in pre-race boat set up, crew preparations, rigging and tuning for speed, starting techniques, spinnaker and trapeze work, capsize and recovery, sail trim, mark roundings, tactics, rules of racing and team work. Participants shall race weekly for a different trophy series including Fleet Trophies, Hospice Regatta, Seal Harbor Regatta, Southwest Junior Regatta. Also, instructors will be joining and lining sailors up to race on IODs, Cruising Class, and Luders boats for all race days. Learning Race Committee skills on Shearwater will be included.